Decorative MDF

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    All panels are 19mm with ST2 texture on reverse

    (See below for texture explanation)

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Medium Density Fiberboard is a standard board and an essential material in the furniture and interior design industries. We offer products from two manufactures who represent the pinnacle of quality and price.


PerfectSense gloss and matt lacquered boards are melamine resin coated MDF boards, which are finished in a process matching the surface. Due to the CCI UV coating technology they clearly stand out from conventional lacquered boards. The surfaces are resistant to micro-scratches and retain their gloss effect.

Striking effect due to the exact coordination of decor and texture. Here you can see all textures at a glance.

All available in 19mm 

  • Micro Scratch-resistant
  • Heat-resistant
  • Modern

Surface Textures

Striking effect due to the exact coordination of decor and texture. Here you can see all textures at a glance.


PerfectSense Gloss
PerfectSense Gloss is characterised by its exceptionally smooth and deep reflective finish.


PerfectSense Matt
The warm and silky feel is combined with high resistance and Anti-Fingerprint properties to provide a high quality, matt finish.


Smoothtouch Pearl (On reverse)
A mini-pearl texture, with a medium gloss level. This surface is robust, very durable and is best used with uni and pearlescent colours.


Kronodesign. A World of Design Possibilities ™. A range of high-quality wood-based panels, created to inspire designers, architects and craftsmen and bring originality and innovation to new projects around the world.

Ranges include Colour, Mirror Gloss, Standard Wood, Contempo Wood and Painted Timber Look.  All available in 18mm (some also available in 25mm)

  • They feature a wide range of designs and a variety of thicknesses and surface textures.
  • Approved for EN 14322; EN 312 - type P2

Surface Textures

Innovative textures in exclusive surface styles that interpret the latest in furnishing aesthetics and trends.


A subtle, burnished surface detail.


Silk Matt
Elegant semi-matt finish with a smooth silky touch.


Bureau Structure
A pleasant mottled surface, that brings timeless style and durability to all environments, not just the office.


Super Matt
Texture combining matt effect with smooth, high-grade optics for a resplendent appearance.


Wood Pore
A durable wood grain texture with all over sheen to emphasis the natural beauty of wood.


Pure Wood
Inspired by the elegant finish of a finely sanded and varnished veneer this texture gives a silky matte finish exposing the subtle gloss of the wood grain pores.